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Are popsicles an alternative to a wedding cake? No way! But you may be able to budget for a smaller cake if you have us at your reception.

I know kids love popsicles, but do adults? Oh, my gosh, do they… They like to peruse the flavors on the chalkboard and discuss them with other people in the wedding party, trying to decide whether a certain flavor may or may not be the right one to eat. Pantheon Ice Pops are a frosty treat AND a conversational icebreaker.

Will Pantheon come to an evening event? Yes. We have a beautifully lit set-up that is conducive to delicious revelry.

Will Pantheon travel to a destination wedding? If our schedule allows, definitely. But for the most part, we do like to stick close to Charlottesville and the surrounding counties.

What will the popsicles cost? $3 each with a minimum order, generally of 75. There’s an approximately $100 set-up fee for close-in Albemarle County events. More travel increases the set-up fee.

How long will Pantheon be at my event? We generally hand out popsicles at smaller receptions (about 100-150 guests) in about 1 ½ to 2 hours.

What if I need more than I ordered? No worries. We keep track of what we hand out and can let you know when you’re closing in on what you ordered. You can either purchase more or tell us to pack it in. If there are any left, we’ll leave them with you at your venue.

Can I skip the cutesy cart and just buy the pops? Of course! And we’ll sell them to you at our wholesale price. Ask your caterer about how she or he can facilitate this option.

Does Pantheon do anything else besides ice pops? At late-in-the-year farmers markets we offer a hot drink selection. But we consider ourselves popsicle specialists.

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Pantheon Ice Pops
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Where to Find Us:

Charlottesville Farmers Market every Saturday 7am-12:30 pm, April-October

Fridays After 5 at the Ntelos Pavilion (east end of the Downtown Mall) May-Sept.

Lynchburg Farmers Market every Saturday 7am-2pm, April-October

Various local festivals - check our calendar or facebook page (Pantheon Pop Shop).

Market Street Market - in the freezer section.  This is our only retail outlet, and has a limited selection.

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